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Customized services for absentee homeowners
Owning a vacation home on Hilton Head Island is a great privilege and big responsibility. Living hundreds of miles from that home can make it difficult to manage and take away some of the joy of having a home on the island. 

Homeworks by Team Construction, inc. was created to make managing your second home worry free. We are a licensed, bonded and insured General Contracting company that offers exceptional services to absentee homeowners. 

Homeworks offers a variety of services designed to make home ownership and vacations about family, friends & relaxation...not home maintenance and other problems you will have to deal with upon your arrival. 

What makes Homeworks unique is our ability to solve problems, not just make you aware of them. Because we are  a licensed, bonded & insured General Contractor, we are able to spot deficiencies, estimate the cost of repair and make the repair upon your approval. The homeowner no longer has to worry about who to call, if they show up, if the work was done properly and if the cost of the repair was reasonable. Just approve the work and consider it done!

A visual inspection of the exterior & interior of your home can be performed weekly, semimonthly, monthly, or quarterly. Homeworks also provides special services during hurricane season and the occasional freezing temperatures. 

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